Bid Opportunities

Dustin always maintains transparency with respect to our subcontractors.  Our bidding policy ensures that all Subcontractors have equal opportunities to be awarded a portion of our subcontracted work. 

Dustin’s philosophy asserts the respect of all Subcontractors which builds positive relationships resulting in higher quality work that satisfies the Owners.  While Dustin maintains these relationships over the years, we also seek and invite project participation from MBE, CBE, SWaM and small, disadvantaged business subcontractors.  Dustin recognizes the growing concern for these small businesses and acknowledges the need to include them in these construction projects.  Moreover, inclusion of small businesses guarantees those businesses exposure to professional knowledge and adequate support from proven industry leaders.

Dustin welcomes the opportunity to solicit bids and prices from qualified Subcontractors and Suppliers. If you would like to become part of Dustin's database of potential Bidders and / or Suppliers, please complete our Subcontractor Registration Form. We graciously thank you for your continued interest and involvement in pursuing bid opportunities for our projects.

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