Prince George's Community College - Chesapeake Hall

Location: Largo, MD
Owner: Prince George's Community College
Architect: Lukmire Partnership
Delivery: Design/Bid/Build

This 68,575 SF new facility provides new classrooms, teaching laboratories, faculty offices and related spaces for the Physical Science and Biology Departments of the College’s Division of Science, Mathematics, and Health Technology. The new structure replaced an existing laboratory and classroom space that was both inadequate and outdated. The Science building is a multi-disciplinary design solution which incorporates structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical and building maintenance systems into an integrated whole. This steel framed building’s mechanical equipment is primarily housed in three areas. Cooling towers and emergency generators are located at grade near the building’s loading dock in the space at the ground level adjacent to the loading dock, while the air handling equipment is housed in a mechanical penthouse at the fourth level. Each of the two lab/classroom blocks’ HVAC distribution is served by a walk-in mechanical shaft. This shaft accessibility feature greatly increased the building’s flexibility and adaptability while making current maintenance markedly easier. Main building electrical and communication spaces are situated at the ground level and feed floor-by-floor rooms adjacent to the public toilet rooms. These commodious electrical and communication specifications also increase the building’s ability to support future modifications easily. Daily maintenance and cleaning of the facility  is enhanced by  the location of a central housekeeping space at the ground level adjacent to the building’s elevator and individual janitor’s closets at each of the floors. Attractive contemporary features such as curtain walls and an atrium lobby further enhance the beauty of this building. Upon completion of construction, this building was certified as an official laboratory for research and development project in the State of Maryland, and certified independently by the International Laboratory Institute. 

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Prince George's Community College - Chesapeake Hall  Prince George's Community College - Chesapeake Hall 


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