Reservoir High School

Location: Fulton, MD
Owner: Howard County Public School System
Architect: Thomas Clark Associates Architects
Delivery: CM Agency

Reservoir High School is an adaptation of the Long Reach High School design, which was one of the last General Contracting projects bid by Howard County Public Schools. The updated design responds to changes in the High School Education Specifications and acknowledged comments and suggestions generated in a post-occupancy evaluation of the existing design. The fast pace of this project required the pre-purchasing of bricks.  Because RHS accommodates over 60 clubs and organizations, the three-story common area and auditorium serve as focal points in the project’s design and construction, and invites the Reservoir High School community to proudly exhibit their academic and extracurricular achievements.  This vision continues outdoors where a full stadium includes a soccer/football field that is irrigated.

The new high school design houses 1,420 students grades 9 though 12, including 20 full-time students enrolled in the Emotionally Disabled (E.D.) program. The organization of the design adheres to the components and space indicated in the 1999 “General Education Specifications for New Howard County High Schools”.

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Reservoir High School  Reservoir High School 


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