St. Paul's Episcopal Church

Location: Washington, DC
Owner: The Vestry of St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Architect: Atelier Architects
Delivery: Design/Bid/Build

Founded in 1712, with the original structure built in 1721, Dustin was proud to be a part of this historical renovation in 2004. This major restoration and refurbishment of the historic church included the provision of a fine marble floor, as well as new altar and chancel furnishings designed to harmonize with the eighteenth century period style of the building. In addition, a new elaborate pipe organ was installed. The design team included Terry Byrd Eason, liturgical design work, Atelier Architects, Clayton Acoustics Group, and Dobson Pipe Organ builders.  

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St. Paul's Episcopal Church  St. Paul's Episcopal Church  St. Paul's Episcopal Church 


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