Randallstown Community Center

Location: Randallstown, MD
Owner: Baltimore County Department of Public Works
Architect: Rubeling & Associates, Inc.
Delivery: Design/Bid/Build

The Randallstown Community Center located in Randallstown, Maryland, is Baltimore County’s first community center registered with the United States Green Building Council for LEED certification. The 58,000 SF brick building includes a gymnasium surrounded by a track, an indoor pool complete with locker facilities, a 300 seat theatre, and additional activity and technology rooms. Baltimore County’s newest, largest, and greenest community center officially opened its doors on May 20, 2009.

Some challenges to this project involved an extremely tight site. Specifically, access to this site was incredibly difficult considering that the construction site, the nearby senior center, and the adjacent assisted living home were sharing one access road in and out making it difficult to collaborate deliveries and maintain public safety.  Coordinating pedestrian and construction traffic therefore became a top priority.  Dustin personnel worked diligently to build relationships with managers of these complexes to ensure public safety at all times.  Furthermore, many residents of the adjacent complexes often visited the site unannounced.  For their safety, the Dustin crew continued to provide detailed information to keep the surrounding public notified of progress to the building.  Despite the tight site and lack of site access, Dustin finished the community center on schedule.

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Randallstown Community Center  Randallstown Community Center  Randallstown Community Center  Randallstown Community Center  Randallstown Community Center 


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