Dayton Oaks Elementary School

Location: Dayton, MD
Owner: Howard County Public School System
Architect: Thomas Clark Associates Architects
Delivery: Construction Management Agency

As the largest Elementary School constructed in Howard County to date, Dayton Oaks Elementary School is a 116,818 SF facility committed to fostering strong relationships while developing life-long learners.  The building is designed to accommodate a population of 788 students in grades kindergarten through five, in addition to with the early childhood program participants. As part of the project, the elementary school has been master-planned to accommodate, if needed, future expansion for additional kindergarten classrooms.

One major feature of Dayton Oaks is the outdoor classroom that provides an opportunity for hands-on activities and enriched learning experiences.  The outdoor classroom is also used by and the Recreation and Parks Service on week nights and weekends.   Adjacent to the 10.08 acre school site parcel is a 12.66 acre recreation and parks site which was developed concurrently, allowing the grass playing fields to be used by the elementary school. The site is served by water supply wells, a water treatment facility, and a wastewater disposal system. Due to the water treatment plant, Dustin had to pre-purchase bricks to stay within the demanding schedule and finish the project on time.

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Dayton Oaks Elementary School  Dayton Oaks Elementary School 


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