Cabin John Middle School

Location: Potomac, MD
Owner: Montgomery County Public Schools
Architect: Samaha Associates, P.C.
Delivery: CM At-Risk

Cabin John Middle School was a replacement project with Montgomery County Public Schools. This new triangular shaped two story building is an 156,240 square foot facility residing on an 18.2 acre property which houses 1,200 students. This LEED Gold project utilizes a two pipe geothermal water source heat pump system containing over 400 wells serving as a heat sink. Rain water is collected and used for flushing toilets. The building is equipped with data, Voice/Voice Over Protocol (VOIP), Video, and Wireless access systems. It has a fiber optic backbone cable system with CAT 5E UTP for drop capability which supports 10/100/1000 Mhps Ethernet system.


As part of the CM process, Dustin worked with Montgomery County Public Schools in making major site changes to the existing available acreage during the Cabin John Middle School project. With a split level topography, the original school had limited access to a single ballfield on the upper hill and numerous areas of wasted space through the gradual grade increases between the two split levels.  In order to avoid a multiple million dollar haul off program during construction of the new middle school, the site was redesigned to incorporate a new 6’ higher school elevation and over a dozen retaining walls to make more space available so the large quantity of earth could remain on-site.  Through a better design process and preconstruction discovery and investigation we were able to use soil cement, re-usable materials, and retaining walls to effectively balance the new Cabin John Middle School site.

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Cabin John Middle School  Cabin John Middle School  Cabin John Middle School 


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