George Mason University - Chesapeake Housing Area

Location: Fairfax, VA
Owner: George Mason Univeristy
Architect: Hanbury, Evans, Wright, Vlattas
Delivery: Design/Build

August 29, 2005, officially marked the launch of the largest construction project in George Mason’s History. Dustin Construction teamed with Hanbury, Evans, Wright, Vlattas & Company of Norfolk, Virginia, to design and construct a 450,000 SF project exceeding $80 million at George Mason University’s Fairfax Campus. The completed Northeast Sector Development Plan encompasses five buildings forming an “urban community” that includes a mix of housing for 1,034 students and three staff members, retail shops, a dining hall, restaurants and a fitness center.

The Fitness Center totals 20,628 SF; the upper level consists of an exercise area of 7,282 SF while a basketball court, lobby and locker rooms occupy the lower lever.  The Dining facility seats 501 students total—465 indoors and 36 on the patio.  There is also a C-store located in Building A, a pool hall located in building B and a Starbucks located in building E.

George Mason University has a Central Plant that currently provides chilled water and HTHW to approximately 2,200,000 gross square feet (GSF) of existing campus facilities space. The Housing VII project had approximately 1500 linear feet of heat tunnel and direct buried chilled water pipe. There were eight manholes within the run of tunnel. The manholes had branch tunnels feeding several buildings including dorm rooms, the two-story dining facility and three different connections to existing services. Due to the many elevation changes, some of the tunnel runs below grade and some at first grade.

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George Mason University - Chesapeake Housing Area  George Mason University - Chesapeake Housing Area  George Mason University - Chesapeake Housing Area 


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