Building Information Modeling

Recognizing the importance of Building Information Modeling, Dustin has committed resources to develop in-house BIM capability, specifically a team of BIM certified employees. This 3-D model more realistically portrays the visual of the plan and also runs collision detection.  Through this collision detection, problem areas are exposed before work in the field is finished. Once a problem area is exposed, solutions are immediately developed saving time in the construction of the building and saving money as the materials are only installed once. Additionally, this technology allows for contractors to prefab more material off-site so that the installation is quicker and more cost-effective.  BIM technology brings value to the construction process; errors are more easily avoided, conflicts are eliminated, and the Owner can view the structure before construction even begins.  What once began as the new wave of construction technology, BIM is now becoming a necessity in the successful development of construction projects.

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